Charlotte Bibby | Ayman Al Hussein
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Ayman Al Hussein

June 2017


Ayman is a 24 year old Syrian who moved to Turkey to study as a dental prostheses technician in 2012 after the war in Syria began. He’s currently in the process of claiming asylum in the UK as a refugee.


Instagram: @eymensy


Click below to scroll through extracts from our interview.


It really does hurt mentally being a refugee, no one chooses to leave their country. I never imagined I was ever going to leave my home; I was so happy there until the war started. I hope that in the future I can be safe and not treated differently because I am Muslim or Syrian or whatever else, because we’re all human and there’s no difference between us. I have had a lot of bad experiences because of my religion and my ethnicity, but I’ve also met so many good people here in the UK who have helped me face the challenges I have to face here. We face challenges everywhere, life is full of them, but mine is in the UK. I have had to start from zero and get to know this kingdom’s culture and language. It’s not easy, but it’s also exciting for a young, single guy like me.

A Muslim is the same as a Christian or a Jew or any other religion but they have a different way of making a connection with God. My concept of a “good” Muslim is a person who would help everyone, never hurt anyone, never lie. He would be a good person to everyone, not only to other Muslims. Islam’s most important message is good morals and second to that is worship. There are so many people that hate Muslims, but in a way it’s understandable when the only thing on social media are stories about bad terrorists, who are called “Muslims”, who kill people and blow themselves up, and we never see normal Muslims. As I’ve just said, real Muslims would never hurt anyone. Those people are terrorists supported by unknown people for political reasons. Being a Muslim always reminds me that I have to be positive, patient, helpful and a lot of other good things, because in Islam we believe in the judgment day, so if I die as a bad person I’ll be judged for that. My faith always helped me to be those things. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and difficult situations could be a lesson or a test for us.