Charlotte Bibby | Becoming One of the 230
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Becoming One of the 230

Every year thousands of boys across Nepal train to compete to become one of the British Army’s 230 recruited members of the Brigade of Gurkha’s, one of the most formidable fighting forces on the planet. Gurkhas win respect, prestige, financial security and the ability to move to the UK upon retirement.

Training centres have been set up across Nepal catering to the continued desire of many young men to become Gurkhas, and these centres provide specific training for competing in the gruelling selection process, offering a combination of physical training and maths, English and general knowledge study.

Every day these boys wake up at dawn and spend hours in physical training and lessons in the hope that they can become one of the two hundred and thirty new recruits.

Only the best of the best are chosen, meaning most of the trainees don’t even make it past the first round of selection.


Nepal, 2016


PERSONAL, Photography

Nepal, personal, photography