Charlotte Bibby | Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story
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Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story

The story of a young refugee, risograph-printed as an edition of 100 and successfully funded via Kickstarter with 50% of profits going to Muslim Hands, a charity working with refugees around the world. Rewards also included 5x postcards and an A4 risograph print.


Concept and story by Charlotte Bibby

Illustrations by Gus Scott



After interviewing refugees as part of the documentary film Ayman, I wanted to create a children’s book to help European children understand what that journey must have been like for child refugees. In the summer of 2016 I involved Gus as illustrator and began collaborating to create the story and the Kickstarter to go alongside it. I directed the Kickstarter design and video, which was picked up as one of Kickstarter’s Projects We Love within a day of publication.


Click here to view the Kickstarter.



Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story – Amaliah – December 2017