Charlotte Bibby | Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story
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Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story

A risograph-printed limited-edition story book successfully funded via Kickstarter with 50% of profits going to Muslim Hands, a charity working with refugees around the world. In collaboration with Gus Scott.



After interviewing refugees as part of The Jungle documentary film, I wanted to create a children’s book to help European children understand what that journey must have been like for child refugees. In the summer of 2016 I involved Gus as illustrator and began collaborating to create the story and the Kickstarter to go alongside it. I directed the Kickstarter design and video, which was picked up as one of Kickstarter’s Projects We Love within a day of publication.


Click here to view the Kickstarter.



Yasmin’s Journey: A Refugee Story – Amaliah – December 2017