Charlotte Bibby | Reclaiming “Muslim” Q&A
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Reclaiming “Muslim” Q&A


Are you Muslim?



Are you a minority of any kind?

No, which is why I believe it’s important to take the time to listen to the experiences of those that are.


Why Muslims?

There has not been a single group of people that has been more unfairly vilified in my adult life than Muslims, and silence becomes complicit in the false representation. I have no specific interest in Islam itself, but I am interested in people and want to challenge incorrect assumptions.


Why is it called Reclaiming “Muslim”?

This was a name one of my subjects helped me come up with because the project aims to challenge the negative associations and stereotypes people have with the term “Muslim” and offers a platform to the voices of the people affected by it.


What do you hope the project achieves?

Photography and social media are powerful tools and I hope that it ignites thought and discussion along with other projects in the future, whether by myself or others.


Can I get involved?

Absolutely! If you are in London and identify as Muslim, whether you are practicing or not, no matter what race, gender, sexuality or profession, then get in touch at info [at] charlottebibby [dot] comĀ 

Especially if you or somebody you know who identifies as Muslim is doing something inspiring or is atypical in some way.

Please introduce yourself, where you live in London and your rough availability. Sessions are normally 1-2 hours, including a short shoot and an interview, although now I’d prefer a written interview as it takes a long time to transcribe sometimes. Afterwards you will receive scanned film photographs and will be able to approve all quotes and images before they are published.

I am also accepting written statements separate to the sessions.